As a Regional Airline we become an important contributor to the economic well being of the regions we serve. Accordingly we seek to fully participate in those communities through basing of staff in the key centres we operate out of.

These same regional centres are important to not only us as a Link operator but our parent company as today the three Link airlines, Air Nelson, Mount Cook and Eagle Air carry almost 50% of the total customers carried domestically. For the Air New Zealand group to compete internationally we must provide a strong domestic and regional base.

We aim to provide the best Customer Service, as we are aware that Customers have a choice of who they wish to travel with. The airline industry is very competitive, so the focus of everything we do is to maintain our customer base and attract new customers by providing a safe, value for money and memorable travelling experience. Every department and each member of the team plays a critical part in this Customer Service philosophy and in achieving our own Airline goals.